Buying & Selling Property through Online Classifieds

The online environment is on a high today. More and more people are today opting to make use of online classifieds to buy and sell houses which is not at all surprising to say the least because convenience is the key factor here. If you can get customers to buy your property by simply inserting a notification on an online classifieds platform from the convenience of your favourite armchair, why not? The same goes for buying property too – get all particulars from online classifieds pages and make a call for negotiations. That’s all!

Here are some tips for buying and selling property through classified ads. Both will be evaluated as two separate entities. However, the common thread here is to involve lawyers for guidance in the transactions who are aware of local situations once you have made your choice. For example, if the property you want to buy or sell is in the State of Victoria, Australia, get in touch with residential property lawyers in Melbourne for advice before finalising the deal.


The key to buying online is to go thoroughly into details and ask pointed and relevant questions over phone to the seller. This will immediately eliminate the possibility of getting “surprises” when you ultimately inspect the property in person. There are certain things that you should focus on.

  • Ask questions – Call the seller and ask detailed questions regarding age of the property, any repair work that has to be taken up, renovations done till date and overall condition of the property. Only when these match your expectations should you make an appointment to see the property.
  • Evaluate your budget – Fix a budget as that will help you to narrow down your choices. Research the area and find out if the price quoted matches that prevailing in the locality.
  • Meet the seller – This is mandatory. Do not go by descriptions of the property, verbal assurances and enticing photographs. Take a person who is an expert in real estate and is well conversant with inspecting property and evaluating its condition. After you are satisfied in every respect should agreements be made and money change hands.


Writing an attractive online classified ad is truly an art. It should first have a catchy headline that will immediately capture the attention of a potential buyer and make him want to go through all the details.

  • Be descriptive – The more descriptive you are about your property in the ad the more responses and queries will you get about it. Include the age of the property, any damage and need for renovation and the present condition. Be honest about it as it will help buyers have a clear idea about your property before they call you. The deal can be finalised quicker and to your benefit.
  • Include images – Making your ad visually attractive will draw in more queries. Upload photos that are well lit without dark corners and have images of the exterior and every room. Focus on giving some character to your ad to make it awesome so that it stands out in a crowd.
  • Face to face transactions – Just like buying, always insist on meeting the buyer along with a lawyer who can give you property law advice.

Finally, download the app where you are placing your ad so that you can monitor responses round the clock and on the go.