FAQs about Skin Care Machines

Technologically advanced state of the art equipment has today optimized beauty treatments. Procedures are now affordable and quick and do not require any extensive recuperation periods. However, most people are not aware of how these machines work and what the technology on which they are based is.

Here are a few FAQs about skin care machines that will put many of your doubts to rest.

Q – How effective is laser based skin care treatments for permanent hair removal?
A – Lasers are single beams of concentrated light that focus exclusively on the area under treatment. The surrounding skin is left unaffected. The settings of the laser devices can be adjusted to suit any type of skin tone and hair colour. Treatment with lasers is fast and effective and can treat several hairs at a time.

Q – How do IPL (Intense Pulse Light) skin care machines work?
A – IPL machines emit a broad spectrum of light similar to a bulb. The beams are dispersed over wavelengths and only some of them will reach the hair follicles to burn them out. Since the penetration of the light below the skin is not as deep as laser, thick and coarse hairs are often not taken out completely. However, it is very effective in treatments of light coloured hair on dark skin tones.

Q – I want to try laser treatments for permanent hair removal. How does it work? Is it painful?
A – A concentrated beam of light is focussed on the target area and is absorbed by melanin which is the pigment of the skin. The beam travels below the surface of the skin to the follicle or roots of the hair and burns it out. This stops future growth. The full process might take a number of sessions at monthly intervals. The level of pain depends on your tolerance levels and is like the snap of a rubber band against the skin.

Q – Is the beauty care equipment used in salons and spas safe? Are there any side effects?
A – Take any laser or IPL hair removal machine in Australia and you can be sure that they have been sourced from leading manufacturers around the world and are made from the finest components. Hence, these are safe and do not have any side effects. However, it has to be kept in mind that these devices are quite complex and should be operated by only trained and highly qualified technicians. One of the leading importers and distributors of such equipment is Australian Aesthetic Devices. Visit https://www.aestheticdevices.com.au/ to know more.

Q – What is skin rejuvenation treatment? Can it help in removing my acne scars?
A – The most effective skin rejuvenation process is microdermabrasion. Age spots and fine lines and wrinkles are eliminated and acne and blackheads become less visible. The skin also acquires a young and fresh texture and becomes softer to the touch.

Q – Is microdermabrasion good for all skin types?
A – Microdermabrasion is basically exfoliation of the skin and is somewhat similar to sandpapering of the top layer with a powerful laser or IPL based device. Dead cells are removed, paving the way for new growth. The process is very effective for all skin types.

Q – Will I feel any discomfort during microdermabrasion?
A – There will be a mild scratching sensation when the crystals used to exfoliate the surface come in contact with the skin. However, it soon settles down and can then be compared to a deep massage. There might be a lingering redness and soreness for a few hours.