Why Opting for Labour Hire Agencies is Good for Employers

If you are an owner of a business regardless of its size and scale, one of the important functions that you have to necessarily perform is going through an elaborate hiring ritual once in a while. This is very crucial as choosing the right employee against a vacancy will optimise your business functioning.

However, think of the time and effort that you or your HR executives have to devote to this process not to talk about the expenses involved. It will start with placing ads in the print media, sifting through the many applications received and short listing the more eligible ones. This will be followed by a series of preliminary interviews and ultimately the final interview before a candidate can be chosen for employment. On the other hand, if you outsource this task, the time saved can be better utilised by you to focus on other core activities related to business growth and development.

How then can Melbourne labour hire companies or anywhere else for that matter lighten your load of the hiring process? To know this fully, it will be necessary to go behind the functioning of such agencies.

Labour hire companies have a database of candidates looking for jobs in different industries and sectors. Freshers as well as those with prior experience desiring a change to enhance career opportunities can apply to them. All applications are screened by industry experienced consultants and the applicants are called for an interview. Here they are informed of the possible career openings and what expectations they can reasonably have given their qualifications and experience. They are also taken through a mock up of a job interview. The whole purpose is to prepare them for a good and lucrative profession. If a candidate is up to what the consultants are looking for, the names are included in the agency’s database.

When a vacancy arises in your company, you can inform one such agency who will then scan their database for a candidate that exactly meets your requirements. He/she will be informed of the opening and will be sent to you for an interview. Since the preliminary screening has already been done industry experienced consultants at the agency, all that you have to do is to take an informal final interview. It is basically to determine whether the mental setup of the candidate matches the ethos of your business and to finalise the remuneration and other service related matters. By opting for a labour recruiting agency, you can eliminate layers of unproductive work that goes into the hiring process.

If your business is based in Melbourne, you will do well to choose First Personnel as your labour hire company. They have years of experience in this field and help employers recruit key personnel quickly, something that is very crucial if short work deadlines have to met.

Apart from labour hire, such companies provide other HR services too. One of them is payroll processing and tasks like tax computing and submission. They also help to comply with all employee related statutory requirements. This ensures substantial savings as the need to install sophisticated hardware and software to take care of these key functions can be done away with. It is a boon especially for small businesses and start-ups as they can better utilise these funds for growth and development and launching of new products.

Labour hire agencies are good for employers on two counts. First, they free up time and expenses that are usually spent on the hiring process and secondly offer their specialised services at very affordable rates.